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The Customer Journey starts with finding You

Digital Marketing is without a doubt the most important process for attracting & retaining customers.  Like any well managed process, we break down and then order the steps.  Step One?  Search Engine Optimization.  TGMnA is Associated with World Class search engine placement teams that will make Your Business a standout in our DFW Market.  But, be advised that stopping at Step One can do more harm than good if Your business gets a web hit but Your image isn't polished better than Your competitor.

Ideas and solutions don't always break through, sometimes they get invited in

Search Engines are important but the shortest path to a clean business engagement is when Your customers put the effort out there on your behalf.  A good reputation and an easy experience for a new customer intro is a must.  TGMnA will mange this crucial step along with You in a carefully crafted Digital Marketing solution.

Brace Yourself: Odds are good they've already made up their mind

According to a study from the CEB Marketing Leadership Council, the average B2B buyer is 57% through the decision process before they talk to Your sales rep.  In other words, by the time a customer picks up a phone, he or she has been swayed by factors other than your sales force.  That phone call, web site order or office visit is that next step, we'll help You be ready to drive that decision up to 100% with a consistent themed representation of Exactly how great Your offering is.

The Deal Closes but the Journey continues

After a sale is an important step that can go unrecognized in an average marketing campaign.  This is the step You get to build a life long relationship.  Delivering a great experience, following through on feedback for improvement and then if there are opportunities, follow through again.  Now You've got a fan and they can fan the flames of a positive experience on Your Digital Marketing development.

Step by step, together

The key to Digital Marketing is to put the business purpose first and then apply the best tools for the job.  We're in a great time of amazing technology and yes it's a toolbox that requires significant skill and that is why Your best move is to focus on the great work and core competencies Your business does best and let TGMnA work for You to build the great narrative that leads to good old fashioned excellence in Business Development.

...and, let's not forget to have some fun!

One of the great things about the creative arts is its easy to be innovative and experimenter with quick campaigns and promotions that tease out Your best customers demographics and maybe even find some new and exciting opportunities along the way.  Like chunky tomato sauce, for example.  Check out the video and see how a happy accident turned into a $600M profit...

Malcolm Gladwel

Choice, happiness and spaghetti sauce ...