Digital Architects


The next wave of technology is already crashing in on our business shores. Artificial intelligence (Ai) & Automation and it's not just for robots. Information automation already powers monster businesses like Facebook and Google search. Bits of code managing massive databases effortlessly and without human effort. The same algorithm that drives that big name success will drive Your business success just as easily, when our architects design a solution for You.  

Automatic Business Development

  The machines that power the success of an Amazon eComm powerhouse can be adapted to power your automated success. Business development has been automated by big business and now it can be automated for any size business. At TGMnA we’re pioneering high value, low cost automation designed specifically to solve common business challenges with elegance and speed.  

Design Your Future...

Purpose driven design.  A simple premise with the power to harness technology as it emerges and focus it on Your business outcome.  At TGMnA we will design the solution for the results that matter to You, Your Business and Your Customers.