Elegent Database Design

Because Design Matters

Three words rarely assembled in one sentence: "Elegant, Database, Design" but not only should their be such a thing, we have it and we'll build it for You.  Technology is a tail that should never wag the business dog.  You know your business and results better than anybody, so your tools should work for you and not the other way around.

More than your Daddy's old database

"What we have hear is a 21st Century, web enabled, cloud-centric, database system."  Sound like it's blown out of proportion?  Not even close!  These systems are proven to be faster, more effective and more manageable than anything developed before the turn of the century, with an ownership cost a fractions of pennies on the dollar in comparison (which is exactly why we have companies like Amazon today and not back then.)  You will literally have access to the same scope & power of any big name company in Your market, when You join the TGMnA Client roster.

We're Pioneers, so you won't have to be

Necessity is also the Mother of our inventions.  Years ago we started developing database solutions for the Texas oil & gas trade and found that "The Cloud" was at least as amazing as we had hoped.  Many thousands of hours later, we're here to architect your solution better than anything you may find on a store shelf.