Business Process Automation

The future, plain and simple is "Automation"

A new industrial revolution is at work, right now.  The internet is transforming our lives like the advent of electric power brought us the light bulb.  But here's the thing; electricity also brought us out of the steam age when it came to getting work done...

Computers are machines, not just typewriters

Believe it or not, a computer will actually do work AND doesn't always need someone punching the keyboard to make the work happen.  Even better, we can program these machines to do work that specifically benefits our business to speed up profitable results.

The tail that wags the dog; bad technology written with good intent

We all use our computing machines to do some work and some of the work gets done by programs written by smart people.  That's good because we can buy those programs and some of our work gets automated, but its bad if the program doesn't exactly fit our business needs.  The worst day?  We work for the machines instead of machines working for us.

Programming is now no longer exclusively up to the programmers

Today, we live in the world of apps.  Simple programs, designed to do specific work.  The app trade started out in the consumer world and now is growing into the world of business automation.  Apps are without a doubt the future of business because they are easily customized to match Your business purposes.  Simply put, we can automate Your business apps, tailored to Your business needs.  The "one size fits all" days of business software running your business are over.

The new news gets even better

Apps are simple, elegant little machines that automate, manage and present information in ways we couldn't see just a few short years ago.  Our work is made easier and we can focus on our core competencies, while we let the apps manage our information to the delight of our customers.  After all, we're already "trained" to use apps from all the consumer app successes, so your customers working with your apps will seem like a natural and ultimately the only way they'll want to work with us. 

Custom Apps and information automation are becoming a standard in business

The best news of all?  After so many years of "wag the dog", technology is finally ready to work for You and Your business.  TGMnA is here to help you leap over this digital divide and architect app solutions specifically designed to bring value and revenue to your business.  After all, machines are designed to do the work for us.  If technology is running Your business and Your competitors business the same way, how would a customers tell the two apart?