About Us

Backbone and Work Ethic

Much of what we do at TGMnA is founded on the strength of good old "brick & mortar" experience, running large companies and some start ups.  What this means to you is we offer you real world solutions to real business opportunities with the heart of a production team.

Born in The Cloud

Our founders have invested decades of effort in successful high tech. developments and worked in the cloud computing space from its inception.  Everything TGMnA brings you is based on the cloud computing model, it's power and it's incredible agility all at extraordinarily low cost for the value.

Consulting and the Digital Architect

Consider the most important factor in making a choice to hire a consultant: What's the opportunity cost?  Every day your competitors earn that dollar and you don't, is a missed opportunity.  Money and Technology are one and the same, in business we need both but it's how and when we invest it that matters most.  Contact us and let the expert Associates at TGMnA help you manage those precious investments and work to "Design Your Future..."

American innovation services, LLC | d.b.a. T. Grant Morris & Associates

American innovation services (Ai) is the proud parent corporation of T. Grant Morris & Associates (TGMnA.)  Launched in 2010, Ai's predecessors and its Ventures have spawned tens of millions of dollars in successful products and services in the Business to Business (B2B) market space.


Always based on World Class Technology, our Professional Services are designed to deliver Performance and Innovation in service to our customers, our associates and our nation.